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Sometimes I wonder
What it’d be like
to just float on the wind
on a saturday night
watching all the people
pass on by
beneath me as I
drift in the sky


Age: 74
I can hear you
A whisper behind me
I can feel you
But you I can’t see

Age: 40
Married so long
And still in love
Where we belong
Till we’re together up above

Age: 22
Out we go
To party all night long
Singing the words that we know
To our favorite song

Age: 13
I can see you
Watching me from across the room
How shy are you?
I want to speak to you soon…

Age: 6
We used to play games
When we were little
Now we say names
Each other’s hair we pull

Age: 3
Best friends we are
Holding each other’s hands
We have matching scars
From falling from trees to land

Broken I lay on the floor
As you yell so loud,
“Why won’t you walk out the door?”
“I think I’m just too proud.

I know I can make this work,
Just give me one more chance!”
You beat me as if you were berserk
And left me with a glance.

My heart was destroyed that day
As you walked out the door.
And where you left me I will stay;
Broken I lay on the floor.

Down, down, down
Into the water, thankfully
Loving the feeling as I breathe in
Yet it hurts more than I imagined
Too late now