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Sometimes I wonder
What it’d be like
to just float on the wind
on a saturday night
watching all the people
pass on by
beneath me as I
drift in the sky


Age: 74
I can hear you
A whisper behind me
I can feel you
But you I can’t see

Age: 40
Married so long
And still in love
Where we belong
Till we’re together up above

Age: 22
Out we go
To party all night long
Singing the words that we know
To our favorite song

Age: 13
I can see you
Watching me from across the room
How shy are you?
I want to speak to you soon…

Age: 6
We used to play games
When we were little
Now we say names
Each other’s hair we pull

Age: 3
Best friends we are
Holding each other’s hands
We have matching scars
From falling from trees to land

Broken I lay on the floor
As you yell so loud,
“Why won’t you walk out the door?”
“I think I’m just too proud.

I know I can make this work,
Just give me one more chance!”
You beat me as if you were berserk
And left me with a glance.

My heart was destroyed that day
As you walked out the door.
And where you left me I will stay;
Broken I lay on the floor.

I am angry.
I am feeling.
Now I finally
Can start healing.

Down, down, down
Into the water, thankfully
Loving the feeling as I breathe in
Yet it hurts more than I imagined
Too late now

History Class
So dull and tiring
As time will pass
I will start yawning
I challenge the clock
To race ahead
So I may go home
And go to bed

Twas a dark and stormy night when my heart was petrified
I watched you take your last breath at the end of your life
But I still refuse to take any of the blame
There’s too much shame
It might ruin my name
Yet here we stand
Woman to man
Me, I’m listless with you memory
Oh, this wasn’t my plan
But you refused to let go
And I refused to hold on
Now you’re gone
And I miss you like the birds miss the sun
When they’re apart
Long and lonely nights
With an empty heart
The ending of us came with the ending of you
But is it true
That my heart died with you?

I wrote this randomly while thinking about halloween. It’s not very good and I didn’t look over it but whatever…..

Life tastes like salty tears streaming down your face
and sounds like laughter bellowing from happy bellies
Life looks like spring, summer, fall, and winter, all mashed up into one
Life can bring heartache, pain, laughter, and love.
Life is emotion, ripping through your soul
Life is hope for tomorrow
Life is sadness
Life is happiness