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You wouldn’t understand how tragic the tragedy I saw occur was to me. Sure, suicide is bad and sad and all, but have you ever see it happen in person as you beg someone not to do it, as you say you care, have you ever seen someone blow their head off as you say I love you? Tragedy can wreak havoc upon your state of mind, your physical health. When you see a bullet rip through the flesh of the only person you’ve ever loved, ending their life, it can literally throw you across the room, causing you to weep until you have no more tears. When you know that there was nothing you could have done to save someone, to know that someone didn’t love you enough to choose the life ultimatum, it destroys your self-esteem. Your heart busts, it implodes, and you feel as if you are going to bleed out on the inside until you join the person who you are clutching, dead, in your feeble arms, as your salty tears splat against their barely warm lips. The next time you have to be dragged across the room from a supposed “crime scene” and left in the corner as you lay heaving in air and trying to dry your face so you can see your true love being hauled away from you on a blue gurney and popped into an ambulance to be taken to the morgue, talk to me. But until then, let me enjoy my slow death by broken heart. It’s the only thing I have left.


Today I threatened suicide
Thinking no one would care
But you cried, to my surprise
Do you really want me here?

Yes I want to believe you
But I feel it was an act
Why can’t I see through you
To check if this is fact

If just one person loved me
Enough to really care
I promise I wouldn’t do it
Wouldn’t even go there

But I thought my world was empty
Despair was all I had
So I made a plan to end it all
I thought life just that bad

But your crying gave me hope
Even if it was just fake
I think someone does love me
So my life I will not take

Down, down, down
Into the water, thankfully
Loving the feeling as I breathe in
Yet it hurts more than I imagined
Too late now

Just know that you will never see
All the scars that cover me
It was your your evil hate
That caused the scars you helped create

Life tastes like salty tears streaming down your face
and sounds like laughter bellowing from happy bellies
Life looks like spring, summer, fall, and winter, all mashed up into one
Life can bring heartache, pain, laughter, and love.
Life is emotion, ripping through your soul
Life is hope for tomorrow
Life is sadness
Life is happiness

Is that a smirk?
A grin?
‘Cause I see the tears
Falling off your chin
Faking through
Acting out life
Just tell them the truth!
And get some sleep tonight