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My flash stories and such.

She walked, smiling, grinning, as if excited for what lay ahead. When she passed most people they were shocked, but not alarmed. They had never seen her smiling before, but hey! it was Halloween after all. Candy, tricks. Maybe it was her favorite holiday.

The teachers were the most surprised to see the girl seating in class looking cheerful. They checked and rechecked their seating charts and called the office asking if there had been a mix up and a new student had accidentally been placed in their class. But no, no one new was registered. And she answered to her name. She was actually raising her hand!

If anyone had asked the girl what was so special about today, she might just have told them. But everyone was in such utter shock no one bothered with the question at all. They just sat staring at her, and for once she didn’t mind.

After she arrived home, she ate her normal after school snack, and went into the basement at precisely 4:32. When she came up again, the world around her was in ruins.

Just like she had planned.


You wouldn’t understand how tragic the tragedy I saw occur was to me. Sure, suicide is bad and sad and all, but have you ever see it happen in person as you beg someone not to do it, as you say you care, have you ever seen someone blow their head off as you say I love you? Tragedy can wreak havoc upon your state of mind, your physical health. When you see a bullet rip through the flesh of the only person you’ve ever loved, ending their life, it can literally throw you across the room, causing you to weep until you have no more tears. When you know that there was nothing you could have done to save someone, to know that someone didn’t love you enough to choose the life ultimatum, it destroys your self-esteem. Your heart busts, it implodes, and you feel as if you are going to bleed out on the inside until you join the person who you are clutching, dead, in your feeble arms, as your salty tears splat against their barely warm lips. The next time you have to be dragged across the room from a supposed “crime scene” and left in the corner as you lay heaving in air and trying to dry your face so you can see your true love being hauled away from you on a blue gurney and popped into an ambulance to be taken to the morgue, talk to me. But until then, let me enjoy my slow death by broken heart. It’s the only thing I have left.

How do you want to be remembered? As the one I couldn’t bear to look at? As the one I was disgusted with? You don’t have many options at this point. I trusted you. You were my rock. You were supposed to care for me! Is that what you would call what you did? Because I certainly wouldn’t.

She sat there, tentative to take another shot, but doing so anyways, hoping she would blackout. So, this was how she would breach her contract, getting drunk and high, ruining her friendship with the only person who cared. It didn’t matter now. Sam Adams was her friend. Mary Jane was her lesbian lover. Who cared what that other girl- what was her name? Did it really matter?-thought anyways? The ember-filled fire place sizzled and popped as she threw their contract in. No need for it now.

“Jump! Higher!” Gina screamed as we all did our toe touches. Her face was had that constant angry look, her perfectly plucked eyebrows constantly making her face look as if she were considering homicide.
“No!” she screamed at Daniella, and I knew we were all in for it. She slapped her across the face with each condescending word, trying to prove her point.
“100 crunches! All of you! 200 for you, Damnella,” she glared as she used the horrible name, but I could see the smirk hiding behind the evil glare she was wearing.
As I came up for my final crunch, I could feel the sweat dripping down my face, ever closer to my mouth, but I continued on, not daring brush it away. Who knows what would have happened then?

Evelyn stared out of the window, knowing to cherish these few quiet moments. She never knew when it would happen. Sometimes they would come in after a few days, with the promise of food in return for intelligence. But there was no guarantee. They could come any minute. They had come 3 times already to day.
She could tell they were running out of time. Why else would they keep coming for her? But Evelyn couldn’t help wondering… Who were they?
A wave of nausea came over her as the guards came for her again. What would they do this time?