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Marrisa was watching the news when her live-in boyfriend came home. He didn’t even say hi, but that wasn’t new. He usually didn’t.
“Live from the news room: Breaking News! Jessica Marche was found dead tonight. She had 93 puncture wounds. The carnage is so graphic, we decided not to share it”.

“What jerk would do that?” she asked, rhetorically.

She didn’t see the recently cleaned knife he tucked into the top drawer of the desk in his office. She never did.



  1. great story in such few words Bravo

  2. yikes! one scary good poem.

  3. How many puncture wounds did Marrisa end up with?

    Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.

  4. Brief but plenty to visualize.

  5. this is haunting, her boy friend is the one , wow.

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