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She walked, smiling, grinning, as if excited for what lay ahead. When she passed most people they were shocked, but not alarmed. They had never seen her smiling before, but hey! it was Halloween after all. Candy, tricks. Maybe it was her favorite holiday.

The teachers were the most surprised to see the girl seating in class looking cheerful. They checked and rechecked their seating charts and called the office asking if there had been a mix up and a new student had accidentally been placed in their class. But no, no one new was registered. And she answered to her name. She was actually raising her hand!

If anyone had asked the girl what was so special about today, she might just have told them. But everyone was in such utter shock no one bothered with the question at all. They just sat staring at her, and for once she didn’t mind.

After she arrived home, she ate her normal after school snack, and went into the basement at precisely 4:32. When she came up again, the world around her was in ruins.

Just like she had planned.


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