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Evelyn stared out of the window, knowing to cherish these few quiet moments. She never knew when it would happen. Sometimes they would come in after a few days, with the promise of food in return for intelligence. But there was no guarantee. They could come any minute. They had come 3 times already to day.
She could tell they were running out of time. Why else would they keep coming for her? But Evelyn couldn’t help wondering… Who were they?
A wave of nausea came over her as the guards came for her again. What would they do this time?



  1. Good flash!

  2. What a frightening place to be. Is she the spy? How’d she end up there?

    Interesting use of three words. I hope you’ll check out my attempt.

    • It’s up to your interpretation… I really don’t know what happens… Thanks for checking me out!

  3. captivating story.

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