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Prologue: Looking back
I jumped the fence without looking back. Looking back only makes you slower. Every second here counted. When I finally reached a “safe” crowded building, thats when I would look back. But not now. Looking back means fear. Looking back means getting caught. I ran into a crowd, shed my heavier jacket, and tossed off my memorable hat. I started walking across the street and changed directions. About half way up the street, I saw them running. After hailing a cab and yelling, “Hi!” I clamored in. Handing the cabie a sheet of directions, I asked, “Can you take me here?” he grunted, and starting driving. 5 blocks away, I jumped out of the cab and started walking again. “Keep driving!” I yelled to the startled driver. I headed toward the nearest mall, and didn’t look back. Because we all know what that means…


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