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Monthly Archives: August 2011

So here I am
Writing again
As if nothing ever happened

No blood shed
Between us
No one’s dead
Just leave us

Alone I am
Writing again
As if no one understands

No blood shed
Not bleeding
No one’s dead
I’m leaving
Heart to heart
And face to face
Without a trace
I’ll disappear
Would you start
Searching for me
When you see
Without a trace
I’m gone
Yes here I am
Hoping again
As if nothing ever was said

No blood shed
No one’s dead
But through my head
Words yet to be said

Oh here I am
Writing again
As if you never happened

Blood was shed
And someone’s dead
So through my head
Words left unsaid
How can it be?
Not receding
Sworn prophecy
Scared and
What’s this I see?
Life that’s
Because of me

Heart to heart
And face to face
Without a trace
You disappear
In the dark
Searching for you
Without a clue
‘Cause without a trace….


Yes, my ideas are stranger than fiction
But I don’t have any strange addictions
Yes I love music, it’s true
But I also, secretly, love you
So please, please, listen to my plea
I’ll ignore all the others who pursue me
Because, don’t you know it’s true?
I am secretly in love with you
So won’t you listen when I speak
It’s not like I’m mild, not like I’m meek
Oh, fulfill my fantasy
Say you, too, are in love with me
And we shall be
Oh so happy
But no! It isn’t true!
You don’t love me though I love you

It’s not a coincidence
The way the bible was arranged
The book of praises, the book of wisdom
Think about it
Don’t start to daze
A lesson I shall give
On how to learn to live
With Jesus in our hearts
We’ll never die
Never fall apart!
So wipe the tears from your eyes
Leave those tear stains to dry
They was out in the washing machine
Just follow me
And we shall see
Just what Jesus means
Walk up the mountain
And down through the valley
Come one, come all

With your untrustworthy face
Dark hair, dark eyes, dark nails
Doesn’t mean
You can’t have
A saving grace
With a snubbed nose
Dark hair, light eyes, so in-between!
Doesn’t mean
You can’t have
A saving grace
Every one’s got one
Righteous from above
Holy and all powerful
Omniscient, full of love
Our saving grace

I stared at the window
Not quite looking out
I waited for the pain to subside
Though I waited in doubt

It took a long time
So long I never thought the day would come
When I could smile in truth
And enjoy the sun

I had to actually believe
That my heart could be set free
That a brighter day could come
That I wasn’t all alone

And after that
It was easy
I can actually see
The beauty around me

The sun still shines
Just as bright as before
But I don’t need it
I found my light in this dark world

If I say sorry
Will you forgive me?
If I make wishes
Will you listen?
If I fall
Will you catch me?
If I run
Will you fetch me?
I need guidance
Can you help me now
Before somehow
I end up in violence?
If I say sorry
Will you listen?
If I say sorry
Will you listen?
If i say sorry…

What would happen
If I said yes
To the question
“Are you depressed?”
Would the world explode?
Would anyone know
How my heart is frozen like snow?
It’s a simple question, yes?
But who could answer
“Are you depressed?”

Broken and disappearing
Sending my head reeling

Is that a smirk?
A grin?
‘Cause I see the tears
Falling off your chin
Faking through
Acting out life
Just tell them the truth!
And get some sleep tonight